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Tod Heslop

"Our Auditor Tod Heslop was very friendly and professional and a pleasure to work with. His communication for scheduling and during the audit was very clear and he explained things well as to what is expected in the standards due to us having 2 standards in our scope and they both have new revisions to comply to."

"I've worked for various companies and have been audited by several auditors for standards including lSO, QS, etc. Having been with Tod Heslop for one day, I believe Tod is very near the top of the list of auditors regarding knowledge, understanding our business and applying the standard equitably."

"Enjoy working with Tod. He is are very knowledgeable, professional and a great guy to work with even though it’s an audit!"

"During our certification audit, Tod was very patient and helped explain (being our first SQF audit) the things that would help us stay focused and would help us in the future, move our company in the right direction. Tod was very fair and eager to help."

"I believe our Qualification audit went well. Tod helped us stay focused. Tod was very pleasant to work with. He approached out audit with us with professionalism. He was able to help us and explain expectations."

"Tod Heslop is a fantastic Auditor. His acumen, professionalism and attention to detail rank him among the best."

"Tod is an excellent auditor who clearly communicates the standard requirements, is highly professional, and possesses great people skills."

"Tod Heslop truly provides value-added audits. I really admire his auditing style & ability."

"A very thorough and professional audit. Tod was very helpful in identifying opportunities where we could improve our operations where it made sense to do so."

"I found that our Tod not only performed the audit function but also did a good job on educating us on the intent behind certain parts of the standard in addition to providing information on the new version."

"Tod always takes the time to talk through the process with each of us. He is truly a professional and you can tell he really cares that we understand the process and reasoning for what is happening."

"Tod was very knowledgeable. If I had any questions regarding the code or needed any clarification, he was able to provide me with the information. He was nothing but professional and very responsive through the entire process. During the desk audit we were able to email back and forth and share screens on Skype to go through the paperwork/procedures. During the physical audit, anytime he had a question about something, he instantly asked it. After the audit he was quick to respond to corrective actions and if he needed any additional clarification, he was clear about what he was looking for."

"Tod is one of the best. I have been around many auditors in my time and was even employed in a similar capacity for over ten years. Tod is professional, knowledgeable, courteous and truly adds value to the auditing experience."

"We were evaluated by Tod Heslop. Tod completed our recertification audit. We were very pleased with the audit results and felt that Tod was very fair, thorough and committed to completing a proper SQF audit (edition 8). Tod was very knowledgeable and understood the aspects of our business."

"Very impressed with Tod's auditing skills and standard knowledge. He has excellent communication skills with our office and shop personnel."