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Our team has more than 50 years' experience in quality, environmental and food safety systems. Over those decades, our team has developed a mastery level of understanding of systems and standards. We can effectively identify strengths and weaknesses and provide successful solutions to improve systems, which will increase effectiveness and profitability.

Our mission is to share our expertise and to help customers develop a true understanding of their own quality system, including specifically what the standards are looking to identify. We explain system requirements in a way that makes sense to you and your company. Our ultimate goal is for your company to get the full benefit of and become truly effective in your management system implementation.

Effective Quality Services at A Glance

  • Experts in the standards
  • Support audits
  • Certified lead auditors
  • Third-party certification auditors
  • Business executives
  • Extensive industry work experience


  • Consulting – We can help you understand what the standard is truly looking for and help you with the implementation, so the management system is effective and remains sustainable.
  • Internal Audits - We can help you by performing your internal audits. That way you do not have to pull your people off of their tasks and lose those resources during that time.
  • Gap Analysis – We can perform a gap analysis to show where you are deficient against a certain standard. This can highlight what you are already doing well and allow you to focus time and energy where they are needed. This will ultimately save you time and money during the Quality and Environmental Management System implementation.
  • Training - We can provide your associates with Quality and Environment Standards training, internal auditor training, root cause analysis training, corrective action training and problem-solving training. If you are interested in specific training just ask. We can help.
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement – As part of a quality management system you will need to continually measure customer satisfaction. Let us provide you with the resources to do this. We will measure customer satisfaction for you and provide you with the results in a format that is easy to analyze to determine if your company is improving or not.
  • Process Mapping – A lot of companies struggle with identifying their key processes. We can help you understand and document what your key processes are. This is the foundation for an effective quality management system.
  • Supplier Audits – We use our extensive auditing knowledge and perform audits to your requirements on your suppliers. This way you do not need to use your resources to ensure that suppliers are following your guidelines and meeting your requirements.

    “Tod Heslop is outstanding to work with – very knowledgeable and professional. His integrity stood out above all! We would absolutely rate him a 10!”