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About Us

Effective Quality Services provides proven-effective business analysis and quality standards compliance services for leading companies throughout the United States. Our goal is to discover the hidden profits in your business operations. Our greatest satisfaction results from helping companies develop an effective, sustainable management system.

The founder and president of Effective Quality Services, LLC is Tod Heslop, the former audit manager of the world’s #1 quality registrar, as rated by Quality Digest and as a Certified Lead Auditor of the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA) and a senior member of AQS. Mr. Heslop has logged many years of successful auditing and consulting with thousands of satisfied clients throughout the United States. Having worked in the third party registration business for over 20 years, his experience, personal knowledge and critical analysis skills allow him to readily recognize the difference between what works and what doesn’t. Mr. Heslop has completed over 2,500 third party audits, in all facets of the Quality Management Systems.

His accomplishments include the implementation of an ISO quality system that achieved registration at the conclusion of its very first audit – a remarkable accomplishment, as anyone who has been through the process can attest. Since that time, Mr. Heslop has provided consulting services for many additional companies that have also achieved registration at the conclusion of the very first audit. Clients routinely provide the most positive feedback, recognizing not only our successes, capabilities and skills but also the manner in which we carry out our work.

Mr. Heslop developed an intense interest in quality at a very young age. His father, Jon Heslop, was a quality consultant for many years and was invited to travel with Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the father of the quality evolution. Jon Heslop was asked to speak numerous times at various Deming Seminars throughout the world. As his son, Tod Heslop was honored to have met Dr. Deming at an early age and spent more than one evening listening to conversations between his father and Dr. Deming. This experience set the stage for Tod Heslop’s lifelong dedication to continuous quality improvement, be it in products, services or management systems.

"Make sure all your auditors are as good as Tod Heslop! He's helped our company a lot."